In the year 2020 cloud as a technology has been in widespread use for a decade or more, almost all companies have some form of cloud strategy, so why are we still hearing the same concerns around cost, security and governance? 

Organisations are over budget on cloud spend by an average of 23 per cent and expect cloud spend to increase by 47 per cent next year. However, organisations could be wasting up to 30 per cent of their cloud spend through inefficiencies or focusing on performance metrics not tied to their transformation goals.  

Whatever your business goals, most organisations will need to transform in order to:  

  • Increase the value and share of wallet they provide to customers so they keep returning 
  • Ensure their employees are productive, collaborative and satisfied with their working lives
  • Drive operational efficiencies in their business so they can drive more profit with less overhead 

This white paper encourages IT leaders to think big in their Cloud adoption and look beyond technology towards transformation goals. 

Learn how by taking a growth mindset to your business and cloud goals, you are more likely to achieve tangible ROI, whilst taking the business on the journey with you. 

You will learn from the following examples of cloud-enabled transformation: 

  • How Logicalis and NetApp helped Webjet optimise their operations and cut down storage costs while streamlining operations 
  • How DHHS set their sights on improving the lives of citizens in Victoria by reducing application development cycles from 12 months to 3 months and providing their citizens' ways to access government services online 
  • How Peninsula Health transformed the employee experience out of necessity but are now looking at ways to continue this change enabled by cloud. 

About Logicalis: 

As an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, we help clients maximise and accelerate the benefits that can be achieved from Azure.