The evolution of the nbn™ since its inception has been a game changer for Logicalis and our clients. As the nbn™ footprint has expanded throughout Australia, the traditional barriers to entry created by T1 telco’s have been broken down – resulting in high-speed, reliable and affordable bandwidth being made available to all businesses.

Built upon a robust fibre network that’s designed with the future in mind, business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet provides the Logicalis Network & Security team with the capability to build secure and robust platforms for our clients. This in turn provides the foundations for the other Logicalis practices to deliver complimentary Lifecycle Solutions that optimise end user experience without fear that the network will be unavailable or counter productive.

24X7 Management by the Logicalis GSO provides clients piece of mid that they have aligned themselves with a transformation partner and prepared themselves for scale, whilst they can remain focused on their own core business objectives.
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